Why should you buy an electric car?

Electric cars are cool, they are the new hype and thus you should buy one. That’s it, your question is answered. – All sarcasm aside, buying a car in 2021 demands much more deliberation than it did 50 years ago. This is because there is a whole new segment to the market: Electric Cars. Electric cars are a glimpse of the future that have been brought into the current age. These new cars have quickly out grown the legacy ICE cars in both technology and daily live-ability aspects. But, as with any big money purchase, the question remains- should you bother?


One of the more surprising things about the purchase of an electric is the frankly lucrative government incentives which a lot of people don’t seem to know about. Currently, in most big markets like in the EU or UK or the US- basically markets where electric cars are selling in volumes and a true transition is happening- governments are offering absolute lotteries for buying an electric car fresh off the lot. Depending on your region, you can get upwards of €10000 in tax credits and other incentives. This is also ignoring the fact that companies like Tesla, certain charging station companies and governing bodies in some regions are offer multiple thousand miles worth of free charging at a charge station. In fact, if you play your cards well, you can basically own and drive an electric car for a few years for free. Its pretty simple. Buy an electric car. Drive it and charge it up using the charge credit you got. And a few years later, sell it. The government incentive will cover up the money lost by depreciation and you will practically have owned an electric car for a couple of years and still boast a net zero expenditure.


Electric cars are faster than their ICE counterparts. Or that’s what our brain thinks. The main advantage of electric cars is the instantaneous power delivery. Electric cars can deliver 100% of their torque at 0 RPMs while an ICE needs to build up to its max torque. Because of the instant power, electric cars accelerate a lot harder which makes us believe that they are faster. If you are person looking for a more fun alternative, try an electric car as they do provide the most adrenaline rush.

Easy to live with

When it comes down to daily life, electric cars are much easier to live with. Because you no longer have an ICE, you will be freed from the shackles of all the fluids and the maintenance of the combustion engine. In terms of the power unit, electric cars demand much less care and are better for day-to-day life. Also, when you own an electric car, you basically have the refueling station at your home. With combustion engine cars, you have to remember to makes trips to the gas station for gas. But with an electric car, you can simply just plug it into the mains and have your car be filled up for you. Now granted, will in some cases need a specialty charger box installed and you will never be able to charge at the maximum speed, it is still a massive quality of life improvement too good to give up on.


Electric cars have the best technology. Spearheaded by Tesla, car design has changed a lot and focus has changed. The best and most expensive cars today are pitched as the highest tech car. And electric cars are reaping the benefits. Unless it is a totally game changing feature developed by Mercedes for the S-Class, a known innovating model in the car world many decades now, electric cars are receiving the most advancement and the most focus by manufacturers. Cool new technology like self-driving has been debuted and developed for the mass market on electric cars by risk taking companies like Tesla with the rest of the legacy car world left behind scrambling to follow.


The biggest driving force behind the emergence of electric cars is the conscious movement towards saving the environment. Electric cars are better for the environment. Over the life cycle of an average electric car and an ICE car, the electric car produces up to 40% less carbon. Although many argue that ICE cars are less taxing to produce- this is in fact true as it is a trade that has been perfected over a century’s worth of time now- electric cars beat ICE cars over their life cycle by a long shot. In the modern world, making an ICE car releases about 12 metric tons of carbon. When compared to the 17 metric tons of carbon released while making an electric car, this seems pretty minor. But we have to then remind ourselves that over the course of their lives, the ICE car is expected to produce a total of- including the manufacturing- 24 to 28 metric tons of carbon. An electric car only produces a combine 18 to 20 metric tons of carbon. This huge difference is really impressive and will only get bigger. If you are someone who has a particular love for this planet, an electric car should be at the top of your list.


Electric cars have rapidly become the superior choice of car to buy. They are great for the environment. They are fast and innovative. And they are also easy to live with. Also, with the industry shifting hard towards electric cars, it makes little sense to buy anything other than an electric car.